Upton-by-Chester United Reformed Church

God's Love is for all. Our mission is to show it, share it, live it.

Heath Road,

Upton by Chester



One Life. Whatís it all about?


Christianity Explored gives you time to think

about the big questions in life and to explore

the life of the person at the heart of the

Christian faith Ė Jesus Christ.



You donít need to know anything about the Bible.

You wonít be asked to read aloud, pray or sing.

You can ask any question you want.


Every Tuesday, either mornings or evenings,

Starting 17th April to 29th May


Mornings 10am-12 noon or Evenings 7pm-9pm

To contact us:

Phone: 01244 373854

E-mail: uptonurc@yahoo.co.uk

Upton United Reformed Church

If you would like to come or want to find out more, please contact Sarah Simpson on

01244 380289


Or have a look at the website: